Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Consulate Appointment

Today means so much more than an oath that families take together. It's so much more than leaving our fingerprints on the electronic scanner. It's more than Brody's visa that we will receive tomorrow.

It's the official day that Brody belongs to a family, our family, not only for China but in the US as well. It's the last part of the technical process of "adopting" and the first part of being our son. It's an answer to a plea left in note by Brody's birthparents when he was found, a plea to care for him and give him a "second life." The magnitude of that decision made by birthparents who weren't able to provide the medical care that he needed at that time is not forgotten by us. As a mother, I can't imagine the extreme amount of sacrifice and selflessness it took to make such a decision so that he could live. So today is about redemption. Today was about a promise we made to Brody and to his birth family. My prayer is they know he is safe, loved, and cherished. And today made official what we've felt in our hearts for several months.

Brody wanted to spend the afternoon in the pool and that's exactly what we did to celebrate him and our commitment to him now and forever. This sweet boy is full of energy, joy, and personality. Although there are certainly things we are working on and will continue to work through for some time to come, today we celebrate and cherish him for who he is and how much he means to our family!

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