Friday, October 3, 2014

Steps closer...

We moved several steps closer to our sweet boy.  On September 11th Brody's immigration paperwork also known as the I800 was provisionally approved.  We are hoping for a mid to end of October travel date.  I spent that weekend getting Brody's travel backpack and clothes together for the trip.  The nesting process creates a greater longing to hop on a plane and bring our sweet boy home.  Half way across the world there's a little boy who is loved more than he can imagine.

A week later, on September 18th, our case was sent to the US Embassy in China in order for Brody's visa to be processed.  We completed his visa application and our paperwork was dropped off on September 22 at the Embassy in Guangzhou for processing of his visa.  Typically it takes 2 weeks for this step.  However, his case was expedited and was ready for pickup on Wednesday of this week.  So....  as of September 25 we are officially waiting for Travel Approval (TA)!  Our expectation is that will come after the Chinese National Holiday as they are out of the office from October 1-8.  If Travel Approval were to be issued it would be a miracle.  Since our paperwork arrived on Thursday, that only leaves the Chinese government 4 business days to process our paperwork.  Praying for our TA before the holiday so we can travel mid October but we know that late October is most likely.

~This blog post has been in process since mid September~  And until today (October 3, this was as far as I had blogged and saved....)  Time flies when you are having fun or when life is crazy, lol!  With all the life commitments, schedules, and house addition to make room for Brody, my blog post has been in process for a few weeks

So onto our big announcement:  This afternoon (October 3, 2014) at 1:03 CST, we received our Travel Approval!!!  This is the last China approval before making travel arrangements to get Brody!  We will have a more definite itinerary Monday after our US Consulate appointment is verified, but tentatively we plan to leave October 16th or 23rd.  

It's amazing to see how God has worked throughout this entire process.  Our timeline has been extremely fast, and to me I see God moving mountains (literally mountains of paperwork and tedious details) to get our little guy home quickly because he has waited and been returned and waited some more.  To know we are only weeks away from meeting our forever son, brings such joy and emotion.  This is where we, as a family really need prayer.  He needs prayer.  This adventure will be hard.  He's seen loss and hurt.  We know our parenting will be tested (by him and our current kiddos). We also know that prayer, grace, love, and the Lord as our foundation with consistent trust based parenting techniques will carry us.  I'm sure in the coming weeks and months we will laugh, cry, experience rejection, feel joy.  In all of it, the support of our family and friends will be priceless.  Thank you for those who have prayed, inquired, rejoiced, cried, and supported our journey whether by words or financially.  Your love and support is deeply cherished.  We can't wait to share him with you this side of the ocean.  

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