Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Officially Ours

We've had two great days with our little guy. Here's a few things we've learned about our sweet boy:

-He's has a really neat sense of humor. For example, Maeli told him not to swallow the toothpaste, and with a cute smile on his face he said, "Why would I do that?"

-He loves to play with any kind of ball and likes to make up games with Chase and Maeli

-He likes to watch Pleasant Goat (Chinese cartoon) on TV.

-He's fascinated with technology and buttons, so we have really limited access to the iPad in order to foster a relational bond with us and his siblings.

-He likes to repeat what we say and is learning some English already, including the word hungry.

-He uses thank you often, especially "Thank you Mama" and "Thank you Baba."

-He knows the English alphabet as well as numbers in Chinese and English.

-He has the sweetest smile and many facial expressions.

-He loves piggy back rides, especially from Baba.

-He will eat almost anything, he hasn't refused any food we've offered.

-He likes chewing gum and Sour Cream Pringles.

-He is neat and organized with his things.

-He is directionally oriented and remembers where our hotel is, the shopping center, and our room.

-He likes to help.

-He loves the seaweed snacks that are available here in China. We will be bringing some home with us :)

-He makes the cutest scrunchy face at random times.

-He's quite acrobatic.

-He's still learning how to be "easy."

-He likes to sing and can sing well.

-He loves to figure out how things work including the camera and TV we may have a mechanical engineer on our hands :)

-He's coordinated.

-He's full of potential and is a smart boy.

The classic scrunchy nose!

Today we had to go to the Adoption Center and the notary to finalize Brody's adoption for China. Next week we will complete the United States paperwork for his adoption.

Taking a photo for the Chinese adoption certificate

Brody saying yes to us. What a brave boy to take a risk and open his heart to become part of our family.

Patiently waiting for the adoption certificate to be completed. The watch was given to him by his best friend at the institute.

Having fun while waiting!

China Official!

On to the notary office where we received his finding ad, passport, and a note that was left with him. A small item with such a large impact...

Our little guy woke up early this morning (as in 5:30). He was ready to rest in between appointments. Such a sweet moment between brothers. God is so good! I am amazed at just how well Brody is bonding to both Chase and Maeli. It's so neat to watch them interact with each other.

Once we returned to the room, he worked on a lego car set. Brody and Chase put the car together and he played with it for a little while.

There's only so much you can do in the room before our kiddos (bigs included) need a change of scenery. I packed our nerf football and we ventured outside to some open space in front of a shopping center and played football for a bit. It was great bonding time and we all enjoyed the fresh air.

Heading back in after our football fun...

We went out for dinner to the underground food court that is next to our hotel and the metro subway station. This kiddo is a dream when it comes to eating...

Tomorrow we visit Brody's institute. I can only imagine what he must be thinking, knowing he is going back one last time to visit. Although the visit will be difficult on so many levels, we feel it is necessary for him to go back one last time with us so that we can see where he's spent the past 6 years of his life. I'm sad that we missed so much of his life already. But I'm thankful. Thankful for the good that God is working in Brody's life. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be his momma, thankful to be walking along side him this time.


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