Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last Hotel Sleep and Photo Out-takes

Tonight is our last sleep in a hotel. It's Thursday night here and we leave for the airport tomorrow night at 9. I'm so ready to get back home and see Emma. I'm ready to create a new normal for our family. I'm ready to celebrate holidays and enjoy family time. I'm ready to sleep in my bed and eat familiar food. But going home means leaving everything he's ever known. There's guilt and sadness in that for me. This country is his first home. His language was developed here. The food is familiar here (although he loves pizza and hamburgers). The smell, language, and people are all he's ever known. As we leave his birth country tomorrow, we are leaving part of ourselves. We've made some wonderful memories these passed two weeks. I hope his last memories of his birth country are good ones.

Here are some photos that didn't make the blog but are too fun not to share.
This boy is all business when it comes to helping us get in and out of our room and up and down the elevator. He is the keeper of the key. We need it to get up the elevator and Brody makes sure we are going to the floor we need to go to! Those glasses are usually worn in the hotel and the subway, lol!

There are no words... Squatty potty makes me cring!

This dumpling place is located close to our hotel and is very colorful with lots of choices on the menu. The egg and tomato dumplings were one of my favorite. This is our second visit during the week. Brody got lamb skewers and ate them all! He's definitely a meat eater! Anytime there is meat mixed in rice or noodles, he always eats the meat first.

If you look closely, you'll see pig feet and whole chickens! We didn't try them but plenty of people there did!

Taking advantage of snuggles. He can be a cuddly kid. Making up for lost time!

Super Brody. He brought his blanket to me and asked me to tie it around him. Then he jumped from the floor to the bed. :)

Teeth brushing time can be very interesting. His brushing skills are great. We are still working on rinsing skills. :)

This kiddo can eat. He ate this dish about 4 times while in Guangzhou (at the same noodle shop) close to our hotel. There are 25 on the plate when it comes out. Yep, he eats them all most of the time and sometimes a few bites from our plate too!

Sending love to our friends and family from China. I think my next blog will be our trip home, blogging from America! Prayers for safe travel and for Brody's transition when we return home would be greatly appreciated!


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