Sunday, October 19, 2014

We Made It! Shanghai Day 1

We left for Atlanta Wednesday night for our Thursday morning flight to Shanghai. Our Korean Air flight stopped in Seoul for a layover before arriving in Shanghai. It was neat to be able to spend a few hours in our youngest daughter's birth country.

Ready for takeoff!

When we arrived in Shanghai, we were greeted by our dear friends from China, Vivianna and Steven, who traveled to Shanghai for the weekend to visit with us. It's amazing how God has woven our friendship together. What started as a friendship between her and I at school during her 1 year internship in the USA has transformed into a lifelong friendship with her and her husband. We visited her and Steven last year when we traveled to bring Maeli and home and thankfully their schedule allowed for them to spend some time with us again. What a blessing that God worked out.

We are staying in the Pudong district in a loft style hotel that provides a little more room than the average hotel. The extra space will be helpful as we plan to spend most of our time in the room playing and bonding with Brody. Here's the view from our room on the 17th floor.

Eating Breakfast with our friends. Thankful for the Starbucks next door to our hotel after the 16 hour plane ride with limited food, we were ready for something familar.

Shanghai has a unique mixture of modern living and ancient culture. My first impression was that city is similar to New York.

I'm amazed at all the bikes and scooters here. Chase had a near crash experience with a bike this evening. It is never safe to cross the road even when the crosswalk says it is!
There are so many shops and goods. With traffic being impossible, many vendors transport goods on bikes.

With Vivianna and Steven's help, we tackled the Subway! There were SO people crammed into a small space!

That would be duck stomach... Steven encouraged us to try it... We passed! :)

We spent the morning at the Yu Garden. There are lots of shops and activities nestled in ancient type Chinese buildings.

Paper cutting is popular in Shanghai and can be made while you wait.

These guys are too much fun! Steven keeps us entertained with his jokes and antics. Notice the cup... He is partaking in the duck stomach snack.

So many people... The New York feel except the population of New York is 8.4 million people. Shanghai is home to 14 million people. A little overwhelming in some areas.

Chase and Steven watching an ancient Chinese movie being narrated. Those two are inseparable.

Having fun! Laughing lots!

Apple Store in Shanghai, different country, still busy... I need to invest in Apple stock when we return home! :)

Nanjing Road-Western Shops

This is the Bund area of Shanghai where the river and cityscape come together to make a beautiful scenery at night.

More of the city at night. We had a wonderful time seeing the city and spending time with our friends. It's hard to believe that we are in the same city as our son. I find myself observing the little boys and wondering what Brody is doing. Does he know we are here? Is he scared, nervous, excited? Only two more sleeps and he will forever be a son to a family that has pursued and loved him for months... A family that doesn't have it all together, but has enough love and dedication to embark on this journey and be his forever.

- Jessica

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