Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our last full day in Shanghai

When we visited the Pearl TV Tower earlier in the week, we noticed there was an aquarium in the same area. After looking online, the aquarium is well known and has over 450 species of fish. We decided since we didn't have any official paperwork appointments today that we would take the kids to do something fun.

Brody was fascinated at how long the fish were and how many there were in the tanks. He was using his hands to show me how big they were. Body language and gestures can go a long way!

We watched the aquarium workers feed the crabs. The kiddos thought they were cool scampering around and fighting over food.

The underwater tunnels were really neat. They seemed to go on and on which made the visit really interesting. Brody loved touching the glass as the fish swam by.

Can't you just read his expression? "Hey mom, check out that fish!"

This big guy kept swimming back and forth. Brody liked him.

Silly boy, going to the exhibit of fish native to Africa...

Maeli and Brody trying to figure out if it was real or fake... He was perched on that rock for the longest time without moving. But you could see him breathing behind his front legs if you looked closely.

We were able to see the penguin feedings as well. It was neat to see them waddle around the exhibit and dive into the water to eat. That area was colder than the other areas of the aquarium.

This exhibit looked like a scene from Finding Nemo. We spotted Dorie.

Brody liked the shell and asked for my camera to take a photo.

The jellyfish were fascinating!

The stingray exhibit was one the kids' favorite areas.

I've never seen such a large sea turtle before.

Brody thought this fish was really interesting. His lips are quite large and up close, he's all blue. Brody said, "Blue."

The large sharks were also a hit among the kids.

After the aquarium, we ate lunch at a local noodle restaurant. This particular place didn't have a "picture menu" so Maeli to ordered for us. I can't begin to say how proud I am of her. She has been such a help this trip in so many ways. God knew what he was doing when He placed her in our family. We've been amazed at her ability to balance being a sister, daughter, and helper. Chase has also done well playing and bonding with Brody and his Chinese has gotten better since he's been here. I had no idea he knew so much Chinese! We are blessed that our school system offers Chinese to our students at a young age! Ryan and I are in awe at how well the kids are bonding and "meshing" together. We know prayer has been an important part of that. Just 6 months ago, both the "Bigs" (Chase and Maeli) were apprehensive about this adoption journey. To see them bonding and loving each other has certainly been an answered prayer. Please continue to pray that when all of our children are together, they will form meaningful relationships with each other.

We are headed off to Guangzhou tomorrow to finish up the US side of the adoption process. One step closer to being home!

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